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    Speed 2 Value.. helping large Enterprise IT to be in the game..

    Alok Uniyal
    Alok Uniyal
    schedule 2 years ago
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    20 mins
    Experience Report

    Technology has blurred the lines between the digital and traditional methods of dealing with a consumer of any Global Enterprises. The Business Process and IT is no more separate, in most of the industry verticals the Business is driven by IT.   Constant Innovation around IT has become the new normal to the Enterprises to meet rapidly changing consumer expectations and behavior dynamics.

    More connected consumers, automated processes, and sophisticated analytics place unprecedented demands on IT functions. Many Enterprises are struggling to cope, and they seek to deliver on new demands by adding piecemeal elements to their existing operations. This is easier said than done. Reinventing the IT function at Global Enterprise requires far-reaching changes, from talent to infrastructure, tools, delivery models, partnership model.

    This experience report  brings strategy of 2 speed IT, through which Infosys helped its Global top 10 clients to 'renew' its IT related to Digital & Mobility space using Agile as a key lever.

    This session gives you experiences, practical on the ground challenges, stakeholder and vendor complexity and approach and journey towards Speed 2 value. Also I am pairing with Alok Uniyal who is senior leader at Infosys and a CIO coach who helped 50 plus clients to transform their IT organization in last 20 years.

  • Kamlesh Ravlani
    Kamlesh Ravlani
    schedule 2 years ago
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    60 mins

    Organizations invest energy, effort and real dollars to stay in trend. Here's one of the trend: Agile is no longer a buzz word, Scaling Agile is. Terms like Enterprise Agile, Scaled Agile, SAFe, LESS, DAD, Agility Path are conveniently thrown around in meetings and speeches as organizations line up to get on the bandwagon of 'Scaling Agile'. Scaling Agile - from the team and product level to the organizational level has it's own benefits and challenges. Is scaling Agile right for you? Are you ready for it? If you've been thinking of scaling, you might be in luck. In this session, we will discuss grounds up approach of how to analyze and evaluate if an organization (or a business unit) is ready for scaling Agile. You'll create your own set of evaluation criteria specific to your organization's situation and learn steps your organization can take to be more prepared for scaling Agile and reap organization-wide benefits. The focus will remain on your context and not on promoting any particular scaling framework.

            "Scaling. Its about the context not the process." - Jeff Sutherland

    PS: This will be a no slides, hands-on workshop. Be prepared to actively participate throughout the session.

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