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    Ahmed Sidky
    Ahmed Sidky
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    When you dissect most Agile practices (e.g. Iteration Planning, Retrospectives, Group Estimation Sessions, Backlog grooming sessions, etc.) you will notice that they are basically collaborative meetings/work sessions where a group of people need to creatively produce an outcome that they agree upon and can all commit to. One of the main duties of ScrumMasters and Team Facilitators is to design these agile practices and run them. Professional Facilitation tools are extremely valuable tools to help ScrumMasters, Product Owners, and Team Facilitators engage all the participants in the meeting, probe into their creativity and help bring them to consensus. Unfortunately many ScrumMasters, Product Owners and Team Facilitators are not aware yet of some of these facilitation tools and skills they need to design Agile practices to truly serve their teams. In this 2 day highly interactive workshop Ahmed will briefly introduce some of the basics of facilitation and some key facilitation tools and techniques such as Home and Away, Brain-writing, Nominal Group Technique, etc. During the workshop Ahmed will engage the audience in the "art" of facilitation and designing new innovative agile practices that can serve the team in the most effective way possible. All the tools introduced in this session will be applied to real agile practices and examples from real-life sessions will be incorporated to show the audience the practicality of the tools and that it is not just theoretical. For example he will show the participants how to use small groups and large groups facilitation tools to engage 50 people in a group estimation session for 300 stories where everyone participated and we finished in 90 mins.

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