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    First Amongst Equals - Can UX be there?

    KK Sure
    KK Sure
    Sheril Jebasingh
    Sheril Jebasingh
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    20 mins
    Case Study

    Traditionally, in software development, user experience (UX) wasn't valued as much as developing of the software itself. But this has changed rather radically. However, creating an enriching user experience in an agile fashion is still challenging. Most of the agile engineering practices in use are around building software but seldom address UX. When building a product in an agile fashion, UX in an incremental fashion becomes important.

    In this talk, we will present our experience of creating UX in an incremental fashion for a virtual wallet. We will also talk about the different challenges we faced such as, educating various stakeholders on the value of incremental UX, building collaboration between developers and experience designers and abstracting design components, along with the solutions we devised to tackle these challenges.

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