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    Enterprise Agile Adoption: An Organizational Change Management Journey.

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    Rituparna Ghosh
    Rituparna Ghosh
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    Experience Report

    We represent the Agile Center of Excellence at our Organization and are chartered to drive the change management initiative to imbibe Agile adoption across the enterprise.

    We plan to share our experience on the Organization Change Management initiative that we took up to drive Agility across the organization.  Our journey towards the derived vision and strategy to increase Agility in the system to thereby achieve:

    • Nimble simplified processes.
    • Ability to respond faster to change.
    • And most critical: delivering increased customer value.

    This is a continuous improvement journey and we initiated:

    • Structured multilevel communications of CHANGE to the teams.
    • Learning + Unlearning:  Structured Training and Development plans (Behavioral and Technical).
    • Bringing in Gamification as a tool to get millennial team members to learn quicker.
    • Approach to move from “Pyramid” to “Hour Glass” structure to align with the flat team structure.
    • Pilot: Career Development Framework Aligned to Agile structure and roles.
      • Bringing in change of G&O to align with Agile delivery
      • Enabling Talent Fulfilment to align to the Agile roles and structure
    • Pilot: Performance change management- Holistic approach to drive appropriate behavior
    • Brining in systemic changes to ease Agile adoption
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