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    6 X 2 Planning Errors in Scaled Agile Delivery Model

    Krishnamurty VG Pammi
    Krishnamurty VG Pammi
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    2 major errors across 6 agile planning events give us 12. Learning “what not to do”, can sometimes help us identify risks early in the cycle so that, as a team, we can effectively respond to these risks.

    Agile planning happens at multiple levels. In scaled agile delivery model, effective outcome of one planning event can influence the other significantly either positively or negatively.

    Come and learn top 12 experiential insights. These will help you alert your teams on “what not to do” during Scaled Agile Planning events. I tried capturing top 12 errors across 6 planning events namely Strategy Planning, Portfolio Planning, Product Planning, Release Planning, Iteration Planning and Daily Planning.

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