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    Growing up the Product Management Tree House

    Debbie Wren
    Debbie Wren
    Asheesh Mehdiratta
    Asheesh Mehdiratta
    schedule 2 years ago
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    45 mins
    Case Study

    Product Management for agile projects is still in the 1970’s era or is it really?

    Organizations today face tough challenges in overall agile delivery, with the product management teams still catching up and coming to terms with the new agile beast, which churns out functionality every 2 weeks. The product managers do not have a clue as to what exactly they need to do next with these 2 week deliverables! OK at least some do have an idea, but most product management teams struggle to keep pace both with their internal product owner needs on one end and the external customer /market facing demands on the other.

    This talk focuses on our experiences of building product management capabilities at large scale, to overcome these challenges, and provide some insight with practical tips implemented. Join this session to learn from our experience and grow your own product management tree house.

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