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    Hacking the Sales Process with Kanban/Agile

    kavita kapoor
    kavita kapoor
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    Case Study

    The sales process is hard. As a business owner, you spend your entire time doing it. Often wishing you were back, cutting code. If you are successful you might have a raft of sales people closing deals under their own process while your product people deliver under Agile. Your worlds are split and often, it breaks.

    Change that. Apply Agile and Kanban to supercharge your sales team. Get your developers and scrum master in on the action. Unify your company.

    Kavita has spent the last two years changing the global process of a leading Ad Agency while based in Delhi. Now at Fifty based in London and Barcelona she has created a unified Product and Sales team from scratch. Turning her work over the last 6 months into a case study, get a fresh of the presss step by step break down of hacking the sales process from both the CEO, developer and copy writer perspective. Kavita will be transparent about mistakes and the open about the recipe for success.

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