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    Happy Teams are key to successful agile transformation– Teams’ self-design

    Nanda Lankalapalli
    Nanda Lankalapalli
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    Agile Teams' self-design is very important (though not very common) exercise in a large-scale agile transformation. In teams’ self design, team members choose their own teams in a collaborative way. This concept here is that the teams will gel quickly and excel when they are self-designed.

    In this session I am going to present my experience with such exercise. I facilitated at least 4 such sessions to help an organization as part of a large-scale transformation. The session is going to explain

    1. Benefits of Feature teams over Component teams
    2. Self-design of feature teams
    3. Pilot exercise of self-design of 2 feature teams.
    4. Large scale self-design of 4 product groups with 30 to 50 members per group.


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