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    Exploit Core Agile Practices at the Program Level

    Jeff Lopez-Stuit, CEC
    Jeff Lopez-Stuit, CEC
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    45 mins

    Core Agile practices establish visibility, remove impediments, and promote collaboration at the team level. Standup meetings, physical task boards, and focus on clearing impediments are well known practices to keep a team focused on the work, and establish a sense of flow towards frequent, tangible, and sustainable results.

    What about an entire program, when a large number of teams are involved? How can a large organization exploit the same core practices when there is highly interdependent work, and when there may be hundreds of people involved? How can Scrum be used to improve delivery times, increase quality, and promote sustainable development at a program level? How the can practices provide executive leadership the visibility they need into program progress?

    This workshop will introduce valuable, proven Scrum practices for large programs. Among the topics that will be discussed are:

    • What program management challenges are ripe for improvement through Agile practices?

    • The Program Impediment Board: Visible impediments, dependencies and milestones at a program level

    • The Program Stand-up: Lightweight activities to promote visibility, clear impediments and collaboration across the program

    • What does it look like when it’s working?: Improve delivery time, increase quality, and establish collaboration across the organization.

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