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    How to explore the Learning Organization within the Agile Organization

    Anuradha Gajanayaka
    Anuradha Gajanayaka
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    Experience Report

    We have been discussing a lot regarding Agile transformations and how such transformations can help organizations. The key is to base such a transformation on the concepts of agility such as self-organization, intrinsic motivation, collaboration, etc. But still the puzzle of how those can be used in practice is less discussed. This is where the emerging concept of "Learning Organization" from Peter Senge can help a lot.

    The five disciplines of a Learning Organization lies in the heart of an agile organization. Therefore, exploring the learning organization within agile organization aids us find the "truly" agile organization.

    This is an experience report of a journey where a mid-size offshore software development organization moving towards to become a learning organization.  

  • Craig Brown
    Craig Brown
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    45 mins

    It's great to come to conferences and hear all the good advice from lost of smart and experienced people.

    But how likely are we to take our insights back and drive real change? What stops us from really changing the world?

    It's a truism that an inpidual can't beat the system, right? So how do we go about making change a collective agenda? How do we encourage leadership everywhere? We start by focusing on others rather than ourselves.

    In this interactive session I lead a series of small activities that model how we can go from a discussion with our friend about how things should be to leading change across the organisation. 

    I run three small discussions. Each one is designed to teach a method for increasing influence and effecting organisational change.  We pick the theme of "When I saw someone do something great/amazing at work" and each iteration we increase the number of people in the discussion, and make the stories more personal.

    This shows how in just three iterations of a discussion we can totally change the way we interact with the environment (i.e. the people in the wider business) and drive braver conversations.

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