• Danielle Jabin
    Danielle Jabin
    schedule 1 year ago
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    45 mins

    How do we actually know if our teams are doing well? Is gut instinct enough? Furthermore, in a rapidly growing organization such as Spotify, how can we ensure some sort of consistency in our baseline level of Agile knowledge across the technology, product, and design organization? 

    In this talk, I’ll discuss techniques we have developed and use at Spotify to benchmark health and performance for our teams and some tactics we use to bring them closer to—and beyond!—being the best teams they can be. I’ll explain frameworks that can be used to give us tangible evidence about how we’re doing as teams, as Agile Coaches, and as managers of people and product. Furthermore, I’ll tell you about the organization-level methods we use at Spotify to share knowledge and maintain alignment of our agile practices as we scale in order to bring music to people all around the world.

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