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    A Leadership Journey to Organizational Agility

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    90 mins

    This workshop will take the participants through an exciting journey of leadership that adopted scrum as the core philosophy to its glory to organizational agility. 

    The journey begins like an ordinary one with teams adopting to scrum. But eventually it takes a turn to impact orgnaizational boundaries, gets the touchpoints with organizational values, philosophies and becomes a strategic enabler. 

    The journey starts from getting scrum into the organization as an alternate to traditional product development patterns. Then the journey becomes rough ride for the organization due to organizational boundaries. Along the rollercoster ride, the leadership realizes the power of scrum as a tool for effective decision making, leadership showcase and eventually a strategic enabler. 

    This workshop will share the journey line, leadership conundrum, organizational values and value mapping/amalgamation, and finally the sacrifices behind the achievements.

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