• Fabiola Eyholzer
    Fabiola Eyholzer
    schedule 1 year ago
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    90 mins

    Traditional Performance Management systems are in deep crises. Their industrial era approach is unable to meet the demands and thinking of 21st century people and organizations. Join this interactive workshop to discuss how Lean | Agile enterprises can push the reset button and move from an administrative Performance Management process to a successful iterative performance flow.

     This is a highly participative open space session and we will cover questions like:

    • Why is there a need to push the reset button on Performance Management?
    • How do we approach goal settings in an agile environment? What is the best balance between collective vs. individual goals? Can you align individual goals with agile thinking?
    • Why is there a trend to eliminate employee appraisals? Are 360-feedbacks the new employee appraisals? Can we still promote people without appraisals and less/no hierarchical structure?
    • How valid are traditional bonus models or are there better ways for remuneration and acknowledgement?
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