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    Knowledge Era Paradigms - Fundamental Rationale behind Agile

    Vishweshwar Hegde
    Vishweshwar Hegde
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    45 mins

    In our coaching/consulting engagements we notice that when organizations embark on Agile transformation, typically they focus on the mechanics, ceremonies, tools - addressing 'what' to do and 'how' to do. There is less focus on 'why' certain practices should be done - the fundamental rationale behind Agile. Without understanding the rationale, instead of applying the Agile Principles & Values in the right context, organizations tend to make it a prescriptive process. Such Agile implementations are sub-optimal, often counter-productive, as true culture change does not happen.

    This talk brings focus on 'why' aspects of Agile - fundamental rationale behind Agile. It shows how the traditional software production was influenced by the Industrial Era thinking, the changes needed in Knowledge Era context and how Agile provides the scaffolding to build true Knowledge Enterprises. 


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