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    Lean Product Development

    Jez Humble
    Jez Humble
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    480 mins

    Large organizations often struggle to leverage software to create innovative products. Conspiring to create obstacles to moving fast at scale are a number of organizational factors, as well as outdated project and program management paradigms that do not take advantage of the unique characteristics of software. In this tutorial—designed for directors of IT, program/project managers, and software professionals—Jez Humble describes how to take a lean approach to developing new products and running large scale programs of work. Jez shows how to grow a culture that enables organizations to turn software into a competitive advantage. He presents the principles and tools that enable a disciplined, scientific approach to product development, including hypothesis-driven delivery, lean UX, and impact mapping. To illustrate these principles, Jez uses case studies from organizational units that have successfully applied lean principles at scale in the context of software delivery. There will also be hands-on exercises to help participants try out the techniques presented. 

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