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    Ram Srinivasan
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    What does John F. Kennedy's "We choose to go to the moon in this decade...", the recent organizational change that you had, and your latest update on social media have in common? Have you ever thought why well-intended, perfectly valid logical ideas fail to appeal to people?

    One of the best ways to communicate with people is through a story. Stories or narratives help you to connect with the hearts and minds of your audience. An emotionally engaging story affects more areas of the brain than rational, data-driven messages - meaning that they are far more likely to resonate with people you lead. Realizing this, the importance of storytelling as a tool has gained prominence in organizations.

    So what sort of stories can you tell in a business context? And an eloquent leader uses different narrative patterns of storytelling to achieve different outcomes. Learn about the skill of storytelling to communicate your vision, spark action, have people collaborate at work and transform your organization.

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