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    Being Agile to become Customer Centric

    Angel Diaz-Maroto Alvarez
    Angel Diaz-Maroto Alvarez
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    90 mins
    The first principle of Agile manifesto says "Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.” But, Is our highest priority to delight our customer, or to delight our sponsor. Do we understand who the real customer is and behave accordingly?
    I’ve often seen Agile teams producing software aimed to delight: another departments within their organization, an external organization hiring their development services, their management or even their Product Owners. But, are those the ones to be delighted by the product in development?
    I believe that software is awesome when it helps creating awesome experiences to the people the organization is serving. To create those delighting experiences is very important to understand who your real customer is and empathize with him. This session is aimed to create that awareness and to introduce some practical tools that can help creating a "Customer Centric” Agile implementation and culture in organizations.
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