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    Forget Agile, Welcome Swiftly

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    Picture this - You see a bunch of disgruntled developers, who haven't yet had their caffeine and stumble for what is the daily standups and provide a nice long winded update and never want to ask for help in front of their peers. They are then dragged once or twice a week to a grooming session and some details are given while they are still thinking about the work they are doing for the current iteration. If thats not sufficient, they are asked for estimates and they wonder what makes them go unnoticed. Then there is the planning day when they yawn and wonder why we do the retro every two weeks and do nothing about them or why they are asked to plan when they just finished the last piece of work yesterday.  All of this seems unnecessary if only someone told them what they are driving towards and how to leave them alone and get them to be productive.

    Come join me as i share some techniques that i have used with the teams i am part of, in helping build high performing culture while focusing on engaging customer experiences and delighting your customers.  

    Stop by, sit back, relax and enjoy the show

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