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    The (near) future of work: how you are going to work tomorrow.

    Stelio Verzera
    Stelio Verzera
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    Generation after generation we humans devise and create what we need in order to evolve as a whole, as an adaptive system. We extend our bodies and consciousness in order to fly, to compute, to communicate, to be faster, to reach further, and so on. Good or bad is not of interest here. This is just how it works. This is how we have created all of our tools and technologies, or "media" as Marshall McLuhan would say. To extend ourselves.

    Nevertheless, tools and processes are the fastest layer in the evolution of a human system. If you observe and study them, it is very difficult that you'll understand where the future is headed. In times of concentrated change like the one we're living through, if you focus on tools and processes, you'll be observing the results of a change in people that has happened yesterday. It is, at best, the present of work. It might not be mainstream yet in some aspects, but from a systemic point of view, it is already all here.

    If you want to really have some sound insight of what the future of work holds, you have to look into people. Let's see how, and what this shows.

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