• Venkatraman L
    Venkatraman L
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    20 mins
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    The role of Leadership in organisation's Agile transformation is a critical piece. Yet many organisations struggle to find the right balance between top-down vs. grass-root transformation. I would like to share an experience where we were able to achieve fairly good grass-root movement, but had serious challenges building the agile mindset at the leadership level. While the leadership was trying to help with the best of their intentions, certain actions, behaviours and patterns did affect the spirit of agility. If you are keen to hear about typical leadership anti-patterns during agile transformation and some pointers on how to avoid them, this session is for you.

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    7 Things Agile Executives Should Do Differently

    Dipesh Pala
    Dipesh Pala
    schedule 1 year ago
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    45 mins

    One of the keys to a successful enterprise agile transformation is the support of Executive Leadership, which is more than simply providing approval. The Agile Executive enables, empowers and engages rather than controls.

    According to one recent survey, more than one in three organisations claim that the lack of Executive Leadership engagement within their businesses is plaguing current journey towards sustainable organisational Agility.

    With a special focus on Executive teams, Dipesh will be drawing upon more than a decade of Agile transformation experiences across multiple organisations, and share real-life case studies and insights to illustrate the following key things that Agile Executives need to do differently:

    1. Stop Starting, Start Finishing
    2. Slow Down to Go Faster
    3. One Team, One Dream
    4. Foster Fully Capable Teams
    5. Fail Early & Fail Small
    6. Deliver Business Value, not just Projects
    7. Servant Leadership

    Awareness of the above principles is important and may sound simple; however turning the awareness of these elements into the inner workings of our daily routine takes discipline. With that in mind, all attendees will also be given ‘The Agile Leaders Checklist' that will assist them in making such behaviours habitual.

    If you are an Executive or a Leader of an Agile team, this session will provide clear implications for where to focus your efforts in order to unleash the full potential of Agile methods to gain a competitive edge. You will be inspired by knowing what serves to catalyze and nourish progress – and what does the opposite.

  • Ram Srinivasan
    Ram Srinivasan
    schedule 1 year ago
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    90 mins

    What does John F. Kennedy's "We choose to go to the moon in this decade...", the recent organizational change that you had, and your latest update on social media have in common? Have you ever thought why well-intended, perfectly valid logical ideas fail to appeal to people?

    One of the best ways to communicate with people is through a story. Stories or narratives help you to connect with the hearts and minds of your audience. An emotionally engaging story affects more areas of the brain than rational, data-driven messages - meaning that they are far more likely to resonate with people you lead. Realizing this, the importance of storytelling as a tool has gained prominence in organizations.

    So what sort of stories can you tell in a business context? And an eloquent leader uses different narrative patterns of storytelling to achieve different outcomes. Learn about the skill of storytelling to communicate your vision, spark action, have people collaborate at work and transform your organization.

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