• Mukta
    schedule 1 year ago
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    90 mins

    Docker wave has changed the way we look at infrastructure today. Docker is like a lightweight VM which provides an isolated environment on your OS, without the need for a separate kernel. You can run your applications inside docker which offers the ease of deployment.

    However, docker requires some management. How do you configure and tune the OS that will host them? How can you ease the process of creating and managing the right dockerfiles? How do you manage docker images? How do you orchestrate docker containers? How do you manage configurations across the different environments of dev, test and prod?

    You can use Chef to provision and configure the machines which will host docker containers. Chef can create container images. Chef can configure docker containers when they boot and while they run. Chef can deploy, run and stop containers. Moreover chef can help you debug and analyse whats happening in your application that runs inside the docker container.

    This tutorial will run you through the way you can configure and manage Docker using Chef. It will be supported with a demo and a real business case.


  • Kiruthika Samapathy
    Kiruthika Samapathy
    schedule 1 year ago
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    90 mins

    No one has escaped the "Microservices" wave recently. As every architecture brings with it a lot of good practises, microservices brings success by helping us achieve a faster to market releases. Though the concept of "two-pizza" teams has been prevalent from early 2000’s, we now have many successful poster children to learn from. The success in this journey depends on infrastructure, automation, architecture and process elements. These includes good CI practises, different testing approaches, dynamic service registration & discovery, orchestration, logging and tracing. Though they are familiar, we all know that it is not as easy as it sounds, let us see what we need to consider from start to finish to make Microservices journey a real success in a 'show and tell' format.

    Sneak Peek of what to expect: A bit of many concepts with corresponding tools including CI, Microservices, Docker, Consumer Driven Contracts, Service discovery, Consul, Registator, Multihost deployments, Kibana, Elastic search, Prometheus

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