• Jeff
    Jeff "Cheezy" Morgan
    schedule 1 year ago
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    480 mins

    Many organizations are introducing test automation only to find out it is more difficult than they thought it would be. Good test automation requires good coding practices. Good test automation requires good design. To do anything else will lead to spaghetti code that is hard to maintain or update. If you’re new to coding or new to automation it is difficult to know where to start. Join Cheezy as he talks about and demonstrates lessons he has learned while helping numerous organization adopt test automation.

    This all day workshop will be run as a code retreat.  In the workshop Cheezy will introduce a pattern by discussing it and writing code to implement the it.  Then it is your turn.  You will build out some automation against a simple web application utilizing this pattern.  Each subsequent pattern will take you closer and closer to clean well factored automation code taking you on a journey from theory to implementation.


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