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    Continuous Integration for Web & JavaScript Projects

    Pratik Patel
    Pratik Patel
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    90 mins

    Developers apply continuous integration practices for server-side projects, but are not consistent with this practice for Web and JavaScript projects. With the rise of Single Page Web Application style projects, doing continuous integration is even more necessary than before. In this workshop, we'll discuss software craftsmanship for Web/JavaScript projects, and gets hands-on with the tools needed to take a simple web project from ad-hoc builds to continuous integration.

    This session covers the basics of setting up a Web & JavaScript project for Continuous Integration. The goal is to apply the same engineering practices as for projects coded in Java. Topics covered:

    • Build tool for JS: Grunt
    • Integrating JSHint
    • Automated testing setup
    • Hooking into a CI tool like Travis
    • Other tools as part of a build process: Webpack, transpiliation

    This is a hands-on workshop! Basic knowledge of these technologies is required to have a successful workshop experience:

    * Basic command line

    * Basic JavaScript knowledge

    * Basic Web and CSS knowledge

    Attendees will be required to have their own laptop with the ability to install software (node.js, specifically).

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