• Ravi Kumar
    Ravi Kumar
    schedule 1 year ago
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    60 mins

    Most transition or transformation involving a large scale has been lead by initiatives supported by change groups. Agile has been no different as most large organisations has invested into Agile CoEs to enable the change. The question however remains are the Agile CoEs effective in brining about the desired change. The panel discussion will attempt in understanding the challenges and various ways in which organisations are dealing with them to overcome them.



    1. Arvind Rathore: Head of Agile Transformation -  Societe Generale
    2. Rani Malli: Senior Director, Business Transformation  - Philips Software
    3. Nagendra Kumar: Agile Change Agent -  McAfee


    Moderator & Devil’s Advocate: Ravi Kumar

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    The Lean-Agile Enterprise Awakens: Scalable and Modular is the Future!

    Richard Knaster
    Richard Knaster
    schedule 1 year ago
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    45 mins

    New competitive threats often require organizations to build increasingly complex, interconnected and sophisticated software and systems, faster, better and cheaper. Most organizations are not equipped to meet this new challenge! Meanwhile small, nimble competitors, like Airbnb and Uber are taking a big bite on the profits of the giants. 

    So what’s the answer? What have we learned in the past decade from our adventures in agile and our attempts at scaling? What does the future hold?

    In this talk, Richard Knaster, Principal Consultant and SAFe Fellow, discusses a more scalable and modular lean-agile approach that enables even the largest enterprises to compete with smaller and nimbler competitors that are disrupting companies in all industries. Richard is a Principal Contributor to the Scaled Agile Framework and previously worked at IBM where his roles included Chief Agile Methodologist. World Wide Agile Practice Manager and various product management roles in the Rational Brand.

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