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    Rise and Downfall of a Large Scale Scrum Implementation

    Michael Chik
    Michael Chik
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    45 mins

    We were at the forefront of scaling Scrum and Agile. Past tense. This talk will explore lessons learnt, and how to increase the probability of success for your scaling efforts.

    To be clear, this is a failure story. However, failure inevitably leads to learning. And I would very much like to share my learnings with the wider agile-community.

    This talk is divided into the following sections:

    • How we implemented Large Scale Scrum and were proud of it
    • What we tried that went well and you should try, too
    • Things we tried that didn't work - but may work for you
    • What we tried that failed - and you shouldn't try either
    • General advice on what to look for in scaling frameworks
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