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    Agile Software Development for Distributed Teams

    Jutta Eckstein
    Jutta Eckstein
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    480 mins

    On the one hand there are meanwhile not many projects left that are made at home without outsourcing, off- or nearshoring. On the other hand more and more projects discover the success factor of agile development which requests - among other things - an emphasis on face-to-face communication.

    In this course attendees will learn about the key success factors  for distributed (and maybe even large-scale) software development. The focus will be on how to apply agile processes in a distributed setting and how to establish and preserve a common development culture. Participants will learn how to adapt both simple agile practices like a Daily Scrum (also known as: daily stand-up meeting) and more complex practices like a retrospective to a distributed environment. 

    Attendees will understand that also distributed (and large) teams can  benefit from a value system and from principles that are beneficial for small teams. In fact the two trends - distribution in terms of globalization and agility - can even complement each other.

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