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    Data @ the core of Enterprise Agile

    Mathew Aniyan
    Mathew Aniyan
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    45 mins

    Agile adopts an empirical approach to software development. One of the key aspects of a successful Agile Implementation is how quickly we can react to change. For this, we need to ensure that data flows seamlessly from customer to the Agile team. This data should form a critical part of our decision making.

    • Is the customer successful in using our product or service?
    • Which features are customer most interested in?
    • Where are the friction points in usage?
    • Where are the failures happening in our product?
    • How is the customer engaging with our product over time?

    and many more similar questions.

    In this talk, I discuss best practices in data collection, analysis and visualization and how data can make your Agile process and thereby your business more effective.

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