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    Large Scale Product Development with Large-Scale Scrum - Case Study

    Kamlesh Ravlani
    Kamlesh Ravlani
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    45 mins
    Case Study

    Organizations are frequently embarking on large scale product development initiatives involving hundreds, sometimes thousands of team members. Scale brings in additional complexity, non-linear behavior and risk making top-down and plan driven approaches ineffective and useless.

    In this session Kamlesh Ravlani will discuss a case study of developing a product with multiple teams spread in two sites implementing Large-Scale Scrum (Less) elements.

    Large-Scale Scrum is Scrum applied to many teams working on one product. LeSS is well balanced between empirical process control and defined elements to work with 2 to 8 teams. LeSS enables scaling the value delivery by descaling the organizational structure and optimizing the whole system.

    We'll discuss, how did the teams organize their work and accelerate value delivery? How did leaders contribute value? Which experiments worked and which ones didn't?

    PS: Interested participants are encouraged to visit https://less.works/less/framework/index.html and familiarize themselves with the LeSS Framework before the session. We will not cover the LeSS Introduction in this session, rather we'll directly jump in to the case study.

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