• Shane Hastie
    Shane Hastie
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    480 mins

    In today’s fast-paced business environment, a traditional approach to budgeting and funding initiatives doesn’t cut it. Instead, there is a need for an adaptive and responsive approach to managing the pipeline of work to be done. An approach that constantly measures the investment against the potential and actual returns and rapidly changing direction, without disrupting the flow of the organisation.

    This is where Agile Portfolio Management comes into play. This class combines the latest thinking with tried and true methods to provide you with tools and techniques to ensure you’re able to help maximise value returned to your organisation.

    This one-day course will provide you with an understanding of ways to identify value, how to evaluate and align initiatives with an organisation’s strategy and goals, and ways to view and categorise initiatives across a whole portfolio. It provides some tools to measure value over time, techniques for budgeting and forecasting both costs and benefits.

    Agile Portfolio Management draws on ideas from: enterprise analysis; Management 3.0; Beyond Budgeting; sustainability; incremental delivery; building for learning versus building for delivery; and Lean Start-up among others to provide a rounded understanding of how to build, maintain and manage an agile portfolio across an organisation.

    The course explores how an adaptive funding model creates an environment where the organisation can respond to change at a tactical and strategic level while maintaining predictability and ensuring good governance processes are followed.

    This course does not focus on the technical practices of product development, rather on the guiding and leadership aspects needed to ensure the right initiatives are funded, and how these practices fit into an agile management framework


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