• Ravi Kumar
    Ravi Kumar
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    60 mins

    Most transition or transformation involving a large scale has been lead by initiatives supported by change groups. Agile has been no different as most large organisations has invested into Agile CoEs to enable the change. The question however remains are the Agile CoEs effective in brining about the desired change. The panel discussion will attempt in understanding the challenges and various ways in which organisations are dealing with them to overcome them.



    1. Arvind Rathore: Head of Agile Transformation -  Societe Generale
    2. Rani Malli: Senior Director, Business Transformation  - Philips Software
    3. Nagendra Kumar: Agile Change Agent -  McAfee


    Moderator & Devil’s Advocate: Ravi Kumar

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    Scaling Agile via the Spotify Model - A Case Study

    Prasanna Kumar Jagannathan
    Prasanna Kumar Jagannathan
    schedule 1 year ago
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    45 mins
    Case Study

    Spotify model is widely known model for scaling agile to get to fast releases and to promote creativity and innovation. In this session, we discuss about how Spotify model has been adapted outside Spotify in a major organization wide transformation to agile.   The session begins with a brief overview about the Spotify model. Then we discuss about the case study of implementing Spotify model across three continents in an onshore-offshore model.

    Spotify model encourages team independence from outside forces to promote new ideas. It encourages a marketplace of ideas to float in the organization so that the best ideas can be generated from the bottom instead of the top. Any dependencies between teams are well known by public contracts.

    We will discuss, how the team structure changed along with their responsibilities? How the change in the software team affected the organization?  How did leaders contribute value? Which changes were successful and what were not? What were the effects on software development team itself?

    PS: Participants can learn more about Spotify model at the link http://ucvox.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/113617905-scaling-agile-spotify-11.pdf

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