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    Creating awesome value proposition using Value Proposiiton Canvas

    Tathagat Varma
    Tathagat Varma
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    45 mins

    Most new products and startups fail. The don't fail because the idea is fundamentally bad, or their talent isn't good enough, or they don't have enough funds or resources, but because of essentially prematurely scaling - i.e., without validating the hypothesis adequately, building a cost structure that is not sustainable over long run.

    Customer Development model is the systematic way to discover and validate customers and build a company. Applying the principles of Lean Startups, one can go about validating the business model canvas before running out of money. However, when it comes to value proposition design, there is often a serious misalignment between what customers really want and how we create value for them.

    In this workshop, we will learn how to use Value Proposition Canvas to sketch out and understand those relations better, and make more intelligent hypotheses, that hopefully lead to more successful products and services.

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