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    Protect your company from failed product launch using Lean Methods

    Rajeev Banduni
    Rajeev Banduni
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    With the start-up scenario growing and becoming pervasive in India, entrepreneurs are bubbling with new ideas, believing their idea to be the next billion-dollar one. Today, it feels as though everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. This is very heartening for a young country like India where, by 2020, 64% of our population will be of working age, highlighting the urgency for future employment creation.

    The biggest challenge facing global start-ups is the high rate of failure. According to Harvard Business Review, over 80% of global start-ups fail in the first 18 months, and in India this figure is close to an alarming 90%. It appears that when signs of trouble arise, many founders struggle to "save" the business, largely due to poor decision-making by the leader, and a lack of guidance from a skilled expert. The same is also the case with new product launches in bigger corporates, though its gets buried into their giant service revenue wins.

    How can such mistakes be avoided? Can there be any method to this prevent this madness? Are there any ways to make the business "failure proof", if such a thing exists at all? 

    In this talk, Rajeev will be talking about typical mistakes that most of the startups commit and how it can be avoided by using Lean Startup concepts and tools. Such mistakes range from the flaws in Assumptions, Execution methodology to premature scaling and will propose ways to avoid these mistakes. 

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