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    Applying Theory of Constraints to find your Growth Model

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    While we often keep hearing about startups that lap up glorious rounds of funding and then resort to massive discounting to show hockey-stick growth for their VCs, rarely do we hear about startup founders who not just believe in their idea, but never give up even when the going gets tougher, keep their heads down in building a profitable business from day one without luring customers with offers and create a niche market for their products globally, sitting out of India.

    Craftsvilla.com, an online marketplace for Indian ehnic wear and goods, is one such startup that has created a name from itself in a very niche, ethnic goods market, competing against the best of the e-commerce players in the segment. Craftsvilla is known for it’s frugal but creative marketing campaigns to drive traffic and scaling rapidly at growth rate of 6x YoY, becoming the 6th largest ecommerce player in India and plan to reach a GMV of $500 Million in next 12 months. They recently acquired a shipping service provider, Sendd, for $4.5 Million.
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