Is there a Golden Ratio - Number of Test Specialists per development Specialist in an Agile Team

Every cross functional Agile Team has a set of specialists who pitch in at various time to ensure a backlog is ready to be customer shippable sprint by sprint. These could be development specialists, test specialists, documentation specialists, operations specialists, business analysts and other specializations. As in mathematics the ratio of each of these is critical to the success of any sprint as their skills lend expertise and learning to others. In this session we explore if the number of devlopment specialist to test specialist within a cross functional agile team has a golden ratio? In this experience report what will be covered is learnings from scenarios where there is no test specialist in the team to a ratio where number of test specialists are more than development specialists. What will be covered are examples of sample ratios and the good and the bad of these ratios to an actual scenario. The implications of getting this ratio are discussed not just from product development but from a financial, people and type of company (startup, enterprise, service, product). In the end the session should help product owners, scrum masters and scrum team members get a insight into this crucial element of any agile project.


Learning Outcome

Attendees will walk away with knowledge on what options exist wrt building a cross functional agile team wrt test specialist to development specialist ratio. Attendees will also walk away with some best practices for the same.

Target Audience

Product Owners, Scrum Team members

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