Bringing Agile-Lean-ITIL under one umbrella

What do you say to a deck of customer reported issues with a clock ticking to close them minute to hour and every breach is punishable?The pressure to quickly respond and close each case within SLA timeframe is so high no one could think about organizing sprint ceremonies or executing iterations. Its always a challenge when the stories are as small as day to day incidents and customer queries. Also, what if the nature of work is so unpredictable that you cannot plan the sprints. For instance, the team may be loaded with tickets on a bad day and another day there is no work at all! This is a typical scenario in an industry where system maintenance projects are a major part of chunk and L2/L3 activities are handled on a regular basis. Every request is based on SLAs and to resolve tickets within a timeframe is the top priority and could be the only measure for Customer Satisfaction!

Can Agile practices do any good to this world? Does it even make sense to talk about scrum model or any of its features?

Can we suggest roles like Product Owner, Scrum Master etc.?

Can there be a need for product backlog?

Can we run sprint cycles with ceremonies like backlog refinement, planning, reviews, demos etc?

I bring about an approach that talks about ITIL Service model which serves as the base, Lean principles as an efficiency factor and Scrum practices to give it a finishing touch, to complete the receipe.

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Outline/structure of the Session

Introduction (2 minutes)

Problem Statement ( 1 minute)

ITIL Background - (2 mnitues)

Lean practices - (1 minutes)

Scrum enablement approaches - (1 minutes)

Best of Both worlds - (10 minutes)

Q & A - (3 minutes)

Learning Outcome

Introduction to the practically applied approaches that have been tried and tested in maintenance engagements.

Audience can adapt to such approaches in an easy fashion with minimal effort.

Target Audience

Program Managers, Project Managers, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, IT Business Analysts, Leads,Developers

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  • Ellen Grove
    By Ellen Grove  ~  3 years ago
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    Hi Saurabh.

    Can you share any links to previous speaking experiences?  Slides or video from this or other talks?

    Alternately, perhaps you can record a quick video describing what you're hoping participants would take away from your talk so that we have a sense of your presentation style.

    I'm also interested in learning a little bit more about the actual experience in order to review this proposal - your abstract includes many questions but I'd like some hints about what happened in practice.

    Thank you!