Lean StartUp: CEO and Product Owner's Perspective

With this talk, I would be sharing my experiences in running 2 startups in bootstrapped mode. When you bootstrap your startup for long period than lean concepts makes even more sense. 

Many times, CEO usually plays the role of product owner also as it is his/her vision which is getting implemented and converted into a reality.  We will talk about How a CEO or product owner starts its journey from idea stage to take it to revenue/operations stage and what challenges do they face at each stage from team, finance, product direction/features, users, operations side etc. I would share the actions I took and we would together explore the answers or right approach.

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Outline/structure of the Session

1. About OpCord and RideAlly (1-2 Min)

2.  Glance on Lean principles/practices

3.  Challenges on Idea stage

4.  Challenges on team formation / retention

5.  Challenges on product vision, epics, and what is the MVP which would work with users

6.  Challenges on finance, cashflow

7.  Challenges on users, target audience, feedback incorporation, quick releases

8.  Summary and Conclusion

Learning Outcome

1.  One can learn to manage startups with minimum resources

2.  One can address market or users better

3.  One can manage cashflow, stress

4.  One can minimize risks of failure or learn when to cut losses

Target Audience


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  • Sachin goel
    By Sachin goel  ~  3 years ago
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    Hi Hariprakash - thanks for your submission. Looks interesting. Do you have any detailed info / deck etc that you may be able to share that gives us bit more information on the content you are likely to touch upon.



    • Hariprakash Agrawal
      By Hariprakash Agrawal  ~  3 years ago
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      Im yet to prepare the deck but mostly I will share how we dealt with various aspects of managing 2 startups keeping following Lean practices knowingly or unknowingly. e.g. how do we decided a MVP, did some survey, implemented it quickly, released it in limited audience, collected feedback, improvised it etc.


      Another example could be that how do we retain resources, how do we rampthem up, how do we manage with lots of freshers, etc etc.


      Pls suggest if deck is neccessary as it will take time to prepare.

      • Nitin Ramrakhyani
        By Nitin Ramrakhyani  ~  3 years ago
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        Hi Hari,

        If not the full deck, can you please share share the outline. The audience for this conference might be specifically interested in how you applied some of the Lean methods / tools and if it helped you in better execution, so if you would focus more on that aspects, that'll really go well.

        Also, can please paste the link to your past presentations & videos in the brief or in the comments.

        Thanks again for coming forward to share your startup stories. We certainly have alot of takeways to learn from it.



        • Hariprakash Agrawal
          By Hariprakash Agrawal  ~  3 years ago
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          I have spoken on many subjects on agility and Testing and one such example is at http://www.slideshare.net/ahariprakash/testing-in-agile-development however I have not much spoken on Lean StartUps in public forums.


          I manage 2 startups on day to day basis, one being product company, RideAlly and another being services company, OpCord. I applied for this topic thinking that I dont need to prepare much as I do it day-in day-out from last 6.5 yrs. Also, I thought that there is quite a good amount of time available to develop deck etc as conference is scheduled in Mar'16.


          I know what I would speak and it will be very less on deck and more experiential. I have given some glimpses already in the submission text and the answer before.


          It might take some time to put the thoughts on paper and let me see what best I can manage in next 2 weeks.