Upgrade your project gears with Apache Maven and Jenkins (CI)

The main focus of this workshop is to encourage companies that believe in Agile to make use of Apache Maven as a build tool to compile and integrate their projects with the Continuous Integration (CI) ecosystem.

This will be an hands-on workshop, where I'll demonstrate how a Maven, based Java and C/C++ project can be written from scratch and enable CI with Unit-test cases.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

1. Write a simple Java, C++, C# project in TDD fashion

2. Integrate the Java project with Apache Maven

3. Integrate the Maven Project with Jenkins

Learning Outcome

1. Participants will learn how to use Apache Maven as a build tool to compile Java, C/C++, C# project in TDD fashion.

2. Will learn a basic overview of Apache Maven

3. Will learn how Apache Maven based project can be integrated with Continuous Integration (CI)

Target Audience

Developers, QA Engineers, Architects, QA Managers, QA Leads, Technical Leads, Project Leads, Managers, SCRUM Masters, Product Owners & Program Managers

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  • Srinath Chandrasekharan
    By Srinath Chandrasekharan  ~  4 years ago
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    Would this be a demo of the tool in an Integrated environment or will you be covering how to integrate these tools . Is there any specific reason for choosing Maven ?




    • Jeganathan Swaminathan
      By Jeganathan Swaminathan  ~  4 years ago
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      Hi Srinath,

      Thanks for your question.  I'll be showing a demo that covers how to integrate these tools.  

      The reason for choosing Maven specifically as compared to Ant or Makefile or Gradle is for the following reasons

      1. Ant is a pretty outdated build tool, where Ant doesn't even support dependency management, Ant doesn't even support project directory structure.

      2. Though Gradle will surpass Maven very soon, as of today Maven is a better Ant which has all the features of Ant minus Ants issues with better support for dependency management.  

      3. Maven can be extended to easily support new languages with the help of plugins like Antrun and custom plugins

      4. As of today, Gradle eco-system isn't that vast as compared to Maven, though Gradle seems very interesting for Groovy, Scala based projects.

      Hope this clarifies your question.

      Thanks !


      • Leena S N
        By Leena S N  ~  4 years ago
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        Hi Jegan,


        While the proposal looks very extensive, we are still not clear about how does it align with the theme "Agile From the Trenches". Can you update the Learning Outcome to something thats well aligned with the theme?

        Usually tool demos are considered great for a conference such as Agile India if there is something very unique the audience can take away. Can you please update your proposal with an explicit mention of the same?