Motivation - Culture over years got passed through stories.  Patriarchs communicated timeless truths through stories.  Jesus Christ told the Kingdom principles through stories.  Great orators today tell a story to drive home their points.  Can we leverage this better to drive our delivery culture..

What is story?

Stories are every day instances or an instance in history.  It typically has a message that the teller could drive to an audience.   story is not an abstract concept but in essence it is real or closer to reality.

Basics of a story telling?

Story is all about selection and connection.  Same story told by two people could lead to an altogether different outcome.  This is where the art becomes science.  One could tweak a situation to his own convenience to drive home the point.  But it still is an art as there is joy, pathos, emotions, style etc. that are attached to it while delivering 

What would the session be about?

First part of the session would be to motivate the listeners to show how stories changed the world. 

Following this motivation, it would be to show how a story could be constructed out of normal every day situation (for example - the bridge in domlur signal tool at Bangalore almost 5 years to complete whilst a much longer 9 km electronics city bridge took just 2.5 years.  In this example - similar team members, similar engineers, similar investers, same bureaucracy but entirely different outcomes. How? - Methodology was different and tools were different).  as you can see, it is all about a set of instances and connecting them to drive the point that we want the hearers to realize.  Another person could use them same example to drive component based development.  However, as a science it can be taught to construct a story to suit the point the story teller wants to drive.

Then the session would indulge in various constructs of stories - Many types exist 1. Two instances of contrast and drive a point 2. One instance of success/failure 3. Story with a twist that leads to a question  and so on..

Then the session would go on as to how to get a story started, how to build it up and how to construct it and so on..

Would like to get feedback from the reviewers. If we can get about 60 minutes, we can also get a couple of them to share a 3 minute story with an instance that they had in their teams recently.

Hopefully this session would help the change agents. I have been using stories in driving excellence across client engagements and motivating teams. 

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Outline/structure of the Session

Motivation for story telling

Story telling basics

Story types

How to construct a story

How to or How not to deliver a story

A story to end the story telling session..

Learning Outcome

1. Construct stories to suit the situation

2. How to and how not to tell stories..

Target Audience

SCRUM masters, Agile coaches, everyone in general

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  • Evan Leybourn
    By Evan Leybourn  ~  3 years ago
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    Thanks for submitting the proposal. 

    Can you please update your proposal with the following...

    • Videos Links - To some of your past presentations on this topic or any other. The video could be from other conferences, user group meetups or internal to your company. In case you don't have any; I suggest you shoot a short video presenting to the audience.
    • Blogs/Articles: Links to blogs or articles on this topic.

    The above will help you complete the proposals and also help the review panel. We can take it forward from there.


  • tim born
    By tim born  ~  3 years ago
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    Mosesraj - an interesting proposal.  Have any of your talks ever been recorded?  As you can probably appreciate, observing a master storyteller at work could be very compelling for selling your proposal.  Would love to have a link to even a five minute snippet of you presenting, please.