Redefining Product Development: Build right solutions at Right time for right people

In today’s organization resource are regulated due to cost pressure. Everyone is working smart to best utilize the resources. Building right product which bring success is a huge challenge. Every organization exploring best mechanism to build best solution which customer embrace. Challenges are very high to satisfy the need of the diverse customers. Various process and mechanism has to deploy to ensure organization is building right solution with right speed to reach the customer before competitors. Problem with product developments are to say few examples - delivering too little, too late, Building more than we need, Building low priority items, Building right thing wrong, Poor quality of software, wrong resources, Identifying function need late in project etc.

My presentation is based on my case study I have written. Let me tell my story how we are building solutions for the customer e.g Oil and Gas, Marine , Mining,Cement industries in Agile way


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

a) Context , Product development challenges ( My Story) - 5 mins
b) How Design thinking solve this problem ? - 5 mins
c) Innovation farmework model we used from MVP to market release - 5 mins
d) Value based delivery model  - 10 mins
e) DevOps in our context and cycle time reduction  - 10 mins

Learning Outcome

  • How we have used Lean product management concept to build right product at first place?
  • How we have used from Minimum viable product to scale up the large scale product development using Scaled agile framework?
  • How we have used lean canvas tool help the discovery and solution process?
  • How we have used Lean mindset development tool, how tool can transform teams e.g. VSM tool etc.?
  • How we have used design thinking approach to accelerate and built relevant product? How we go much, much deeper on understanding the user and the user experience with the skills of observation and inquiry.
  • What are KPI to measure product success e.g. Net Promoter Score, Active usage,  Customer benefits
  • How cultural transformation: “Plan driven to value driven” model helps to achieve this?

Target Audience

Product Mangement,Software Product solution development team

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Public Feedback

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  • Sachin goel
    By Sachin goel  ~  4 years ago
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    Hi Chandan - thanks for your submission. I did a glance on the link and seems to have a lot of useful information. Could you pls advise how do you plan to structure the 45 min talk to cover the desired topics? How do you plan to engagge the audience proactively?



    • Chandan Patary
      By Chandan Patary  ~  4 years ago
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      Thanks Sachin for your input, I have updated my thoughts.

      • Nitin Ramrakhyani
        By Nitin Ramrakhyani  ~  4 years ago
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        Would you be focussing on the concepts more or your experience? I recommend that you emphasise on your experiences in implementing these techniques and propose this as an experience report.

        By any chance, do you have any short video clip of any of your speaking sessions? That might help reviewers in deciding over it. If not, can you do a quick recording from you mobile, say just for 3-4 mins?