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Success of an Agile Transformation depends a great deal on how effectively it gets initiated.
This experience report presentation will discuss a 5-Step approach deployed for successfully initiating an Agile Transformation engagement at a client location.
The practices that ensured effective identification and execution of two pilot projects will be shared.
We will also talk about how using a customized version of  Comparative Agility™ Assessment  Framework, the impact of the Agile way of working on these pilot projects was measured.

The impact of Agile on pilots was presented in terms of quantified measures (metrics) of benefits and areas of improvements to the leadership team. The results were encouraging enough for them to continue with the Agile Transformation exercise by bringing the rest of the projects in the organization into its fold.


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

  • Background about the Client (1 min)
  • Expectation setting with the Sponsor (2  min)
  • Workshop for the Leadership Team - Business goal identification; Agile Values and Principles (3 min)
  • Situation Analysis based on customized Comparative Agility Assessment Methodology (https://comparativeagility.com) (7 min)
  • Just-in-Time Bite-sized Training & Coaching  during Pilot Project Execution (2 min)
  • Results reported by Pilot Project Teams (5 min)


Learning Outcome

  • Five Steps for Effective Initiation of Agile Transformation –Set expectations; Get leadership buy-in; Baseline the current practices; Initiate, train and mentor pilot projects; Quantify benefits & improvement opportunities
  • How to adapt the Comparative Agility™ Assessment Framework for measuring the impact of Agile way of working on the pilot projects

Target Audience

CEOs/Senior Managers who want the Agile Transformation journey in their organization to begin on a firm footing.Consultants, Coaches & Trainers who enable their clients to make it happen

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  • Sarabjit Singh Bakshi
    By Sarabjit Singh Bakshi  ~  4 years ago
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    Dear Gopi , 

    To be honest i did not find much meat in the video , could you kindly elaborate using data and metrics to show the real value . 

    I am sure you would have had the data for the pilot - the current discussion is more gyan .




    • Gopinath Ramakrishnan
      By Gopinath Ramakrishnan  ~  3 years ago
      reply Reply

      Dear Sarab,

      Thanks for your feedback.

      Data & Metrics are in the slides. I have provided link to the same.

      You may refer slide #22 & from #33 onwards.

      Due to some technical reasons, I could not show the slides in the video.



  • Prasad
    By Prasad  ~  4 years ago
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    any update on your slides and Video links?



    • Gopinath Ramakrishnan
      By Gopinath Ramakrishnan  ~  3 years ago
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      Will be submitting the same by Sep 13


  • Evan Leybourn
    By Evan Leybourn  ~  4 years ago
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    Thanks for submitting the proposal. 

    Can you please update your proposal with the following...

    • Slides - Preferably an outline of this talk, but any similar presentation will do.
    • Videos Links - To some of your past presentations on this topic or any other. The video could be from other conferences, user group meetups or internal to your company. In case you don't have any; I suggest you shoot a short video presenting to the audience.

    The above will help you complete the proposals and also help the review panel. We can take it forward from there.