'WHY' is Important than 'HOW'

I often believe that Organizations who are looking to transform & Adopt Agile primarily do not give enough thought as to WHY they need to transform into AGILE and then start looking into HOW to achieve the goal.

So i would like to take this subject and talk about how to help Organizations to first realize how to figure out 'WHY'.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

1. Introduction

     a. 101 ways to jump from a train ? will you jump from a running Rajdhani for 1 Cr?

     b. Have you been to this venue before? Did you knew all the Signals will be green?

     c. Professional Example . 

2. Which Companies today in the Market are Successful and WHY?

3. Why is 'WHY' important for organizations before starting on Agile transformation journey.

4. Ways to find out WHY for your organization

      a. MILI  Model - More Important , Less Important & More Improvement , Less Improvement

      b. Heat Map on Factors like Team Work, Planning, Requirements, Communication, Technical Practices, Quality, Culture etc.

5. Few FACTS from the 8th Annual State of Agile Survey ( courtesy www.versionone.com)

Learning Outcome

1. Help us to focus on right areas while transforming an organization to Agile mindset.

2. Provides a vision and a goal to achieve.

Target Audience


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Public Feedback

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  • Srinath Chandrasekharan
    By Srinath Chandrasekharan  ~  4 years ago
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    Can you provide some mre insights into the following queries

    1. While I agree with your thoughts on the fact that teams should know "why" agile before they embark on the "how" journey, in my experience this is a questions more for the senior management and less for the teams .. " . As you hve stated your audience as beginners, can you specifically mention the key take away for them

    2. Your earlier talk was of about 25 minutes whereas this one is planned for 45 minutes. Can you describe the additional conetent that you wil bring in ?

    3. If one has already attended the earliet talk in Discuss Agile 2015, would there be anything additional




    • Gaurav Rastogi
      By Gaurav Rastogi  ~  4 years ago
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      Hi Srinath actually i replied 3 weeks back but looks like i checked the private message box and hence it was not visible to you.

      Hi Srinath,

      Appreciate your comments above, Please find my response as below:

      1. I agree from a decision maker stand point that Senior management should understand 'Why' is Important than 'How' similarly for the team also it is equally important to understand their 'why' because otherwise they will ask why(which could be different from Senior Management) should they transform.

         a. I have teams asking the question if nothing is broen why we want to change and transform to Agile. Probably they have not ponder on 'Why'

         b. Team members who are not initiators and probably followers if we help them understand if they just think 'Why' they may need to change and transform then it will be their idea to work on rather a direction from senior management to transform.

       I believe if WHY is only thought by Senior management then the goal is only of Senior Management to achieve but if we make team a part of that WHY then creating meaning ful goals and achieving them becoms easier.


      2. Adding more time was due to below reasons

           a. I got a feedback in my previous talk that my Speech was too fast and i rushed through some of the data point slides from Version one hence i thought to add some more time.

           b. Also i got a feedback that i should give some real example of my coaching experience to demostrate my point as well hence i willl add a couple of them which will add more time.

      3. Point 2b will be an addition.

      Hope this Helps !!!



      Gaurav Rastogi

      • Ravi Kumar
        By Ravi Kumar  ~  4 years ago
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        Hi Gaurav,

        You've mentioned about the feedback you received in your response to Srinath. Point b in the feedback is about real examples from your coaching experience. Do you have a blog or maybe update your slides from real life experience?

        The proposla sounds more 101 in my highest opinion and many of the participants may not be keen. Few compelling examples from experience that has helped organisations position well for transformation (Why not How) will help shape the proposal better.


        Hope this helps.






        • Gaurav Rastogi
          By Gaurav Rastogi  ~  4 years ago
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          Hi Ravi,

          Thanks for the feedback !!! 

          1. My Experiences around Agile coaching are on slide 10 & 11 of the attached deck there i will be sharing my experience using the data points given, Not sure if you want me to document more?

          2. Also This particular talk is about the mindset change and if you closely watch the video attached which is on the same topic you will see i have given numerous examples of real life where i have tried to make the audience ponder on the point.

          3. I am also speaking on the same topic in Global SCRUM Gathering in Shanghai Sep 14-16. 


          Hope I have answered the question raised above.Please let me know if doesn't.


          Gaurav Rastogi