We live and work in a global and distributed environment. It is no longer the norm to have everyone in one location for software development projects. Whether people are working from home, or the other side of the globe, distributed teams are becoming the norm. The agile values of collaboration and trust become painful in light of this distributed environment.

In this session, Jon will teach you the best practices for dealing with distributed teams. He will show you how to build trust and collaboration within your team.

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Outline/structure of the Session

  1. Challenge with distributed teams
  2. People
    1. Seeing a person, not a username
  3. Vision
    1. Having a shared vision
    2. Understanding the strategy
  4. Ownership
    1. Joint ownership is key
    2. Understanding responsibilities
  5. Summary

Learning Outcome

  1. Understand how to properly engage remote team members
  2. Understand how to communicate effectively
  3. Know the tools available to help solve the problems 

Target Audience

Project Team members who work with remote team members

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  • Balaji.M
    By Balaji.M  ~  1 year ago
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    Hi Jonathan,

    Hope you have seen my comments on the proposal, please can you get back to us if you are still interested in presenting in the Conference this year.

    Best Regards


    • Jonathan Mills
      By Jonathan Mills  ~  1 year ago
      reply Reply

      Hi Balaji, 

         I am still in the process of writing this talk and putting my slides together. I am delivering it twice this year so I will have the talk completed soon and will be able to share my slides then.   

  • Balaji.M
    By Balaji.M  ~  2 years ago
    reply Reply

    Hi Jonathan,

    Distributed Agile is most of our clients interested in and wanted to know how we are managing the distributed projects in our organisation. The area which you have chosen also is good to learn and it would be helpful if you can share the draft version of the slide which you are interested to present. Also it would be good if you can present with the examples and any techniques to overcome the distributed agile challenges.

    Best Regards