Scaling Agile to Enterprises - Bringing everyone under OneCloud

My session will focus on portfolio and integration level challenges at Business Unit level to bring everyone under OneCloud and how we managed some of those challenges via

1. Scaling enterprise backlog to manage cross functional dependencies across multiple platforms and products

2. Identifying foundation and architectural pieces first and built the rest of the modules on top of it for enterprise level extensibility

3. PSI planning across teams

4. Few optimizations through HIP sprints ( Hardening, Innovation and planning) on a quarterly level

5. Through rules and guidelines on Release trains with less trade off with flexibility

6. Finally, through better release  governance and provide right visibility to executive and senior management team

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Outline/structure of the Session

  1. Challenges overview ( end to end visibility at Business unit, delivery predictability and quality) - 10 mins
  2. SAFe techniques for Scaling Agile Adoption - 30 mins
  3. Metrics and Summary - 5 mins

Learning Outcome

1.Able to build a common platform with a 90 day release model for all products within Biz  unit

2. Common code base for easy maintenance and fix customer issues faster

3.  Happy project sponsors and Happy teams

Target Audience

Program/Delivery Managers, Engineering leaders, BU heads

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  • Evan Leybourn
    By Evan Leybourn  ~  3 years ago
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    Another question about this proposal - what is OneCloud? How it relate to Agile?

  • Evan Leybourn
    By Evan Leybourn  ~  3 years ago
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    Thanks for submitting the proposal. 

    Can you please update your proposal with the following...

    • Slides - Preferably an outline of this talk, but any similar presentation will do.
    • Videos Links - To some of your past presentations on this topic or any other. The video could be from other conferences, user group meetups or internal to your company. In case you don't have any; I suggest you shoot a short video presenting to the audience.

    The above will help you complete the proposals and also help the review panel. We can take it forward from there.



    • uday
      By uday  ~  3 years ago
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      I have presented Yahoo Homepage Experience report during Agile India first conference in 2011. Unfortunately I don't have a copy of the slide/recording. We have successfully scaled Agile across organizations through SAFe..I have a copy of my other presentations (Enterprise Architecture in Malaysia and Big data conference in Shanghai) it that helps..


      • Venkatraman L
        By Venkatraman L  ~  3 years ago
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        Dear Uday,

        A nice topic that would help to understand scaling SAFe. Would it be possible for you to shoot a selfie (video) for few minutes and provide it ? Maybe you can try explaining the proposal and the outcome as a quick talk and provide the link?


        • Ravi Kumar
          By Ravi Kumar  ~  3 years ago
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          Hi Uday,

          Can you add some high level data points that helps us understand the complexity and challenges. 

          1. How large is the BU? Team distribution, clients vendor & mix of technologies
          2. Type of system being built and the functional dependencies. 
          3. Challenges of identifying and building the architectural pieces and managing to plan the PSI.