Be it Standish Group Chaos report or PWC or HBR or others, every industry survey report suggests that a significant a percentage of software development projects are failed or challenged. Even the completed one does not meet the end users objectives as perceived at the beginning always. - That's a significant amount of money & time which gets wasted every year based on (partly) what business or service provider thinks their end users need & wants. But when the products or solutions are developed, they do not meet the end users expectation or resolve their pain points always.

Design Thinking is an approach/philosophy which can to bridge this gap. It enable us to see the needs & wants from end user perspectives. Thus enabling us to build a product or solution that meets the end users goals and their persona. It also enable us to build the right solution much faster by eliminating the solution or features that end users does not need or wants.

We, at Altimetrik, have been using this approach for all our development and enhancement projects since last one year or so. 

In this session, I would present one of our project execution, how we have incorporated the DT principles in our development and the amazing results that we achieved.     


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

Session Outline:

  • Why: Context Setting - 2 Min
    • Industry Reference to establish the need for Design Thinking (DT) in S/W development
  • What: Overview - 3 Min
    • Design Thinking !!! What is it?
  • How: Case Study - 10 Min
    • Our Business case & Problem statement
    • Our Approach & Steps to adopted DT in the development
  • Amazing Results - 3 Min
    • DT Benefits
    • What we achieved in the project for our Customer 
  • Q&A - 2 Min

Learning Outcome

Here you will Understand

  • Why & What of Design Thinking

And Learn

  • How to
    • Adopt Design Thinking Principles in your project
    • Increase the Subjective quality of your product or solution or service
    • Meet the end user objectives
    • Achieve greater CSAT

Target Audience

Business Owner, Product Owner, Agile Leader, Agile Project Manager , PMO , Process Consultant, Agile Practitioner, Agile Coach

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Public Feedback

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  • Sachin goel
    By Sachin goel  ~  4 years ago
    reply Reply

    Hi Biplab - thanks for your proposal. Could you pls share an example to highlight what are the learnings around Design thinking? I am just concious to ensure that its a concept not dealt earlier with a different name.


    • Biplab Roy
      By Biplab Roy  ~  4 years ago
      reply Reply

      Hi Sachin - Sorry for delayed response. This is session to demonstrate how we are practicing Design Thinking in our Software Development projects.

      Most of the time it is understood that DT is applicable to Product Development only. But we have been using DT for our S/W development services. In the session, I will share our experience and benefits achieved. 

      Participants would be able to understand the steps and approach one has to take while adopting DT for services as well as the challenges encountered.

      For example: How to build personas and prioritize persona in a project context. How to do the experience mapping, touch points mapping for customer requirements etc.

      Pls let me know if you any query.

      with Regards