Rule The Change : With Agility - Innovation and MVPs.

We are all working for business value. There is no point in developing a product which is not used by anyone. In this era of digital disruption where we are in amidst of uncertainity, how do we maximize business value. 

We are going to talk about principles of

Lean Startup

Minimum viable products

and Customer Journey Maps

How to marry all these principles together to ensure that we get early feedback from our end users and provide a product that will maximize business value.



Outline/Structure of the Others

1. Setting the Stage and Introductions

5 mins

2. Innovation game - build a product with newspaper and glue to bring about the importance of

a. Probing the customer for feedbacks

b. Create a minimum viable product

c. To incrementally build on customer feedbacks

20 mins

3. What is Business value and how it has changed over the last decade

4. Customer is the King.. how customer drives the product development

5. How do we Cope up with the ever changing business scenarios

5 mins

6. Talk about my experiences of a workflow implementation project using this framework

7.How MVPs and incremental feedbacks improved our workflows and created WOW experiences with the users

8. What an MVP can be – could be a hand drawn sketch, ppt, working protoyype

9. How we engaged in observing the customer’s reactions to these MVPs and built incrementally on their feedbacks

10. Highlight benefits of using this framework using MVPs over the previous methodologies


10 mins


5 mins


Learning Outcome

Audiences will come out of this session with 

1. Strong understanding of the Lean Startup principles of Lena Startup, MVP and JourneyMaps

2. How to apply them in today's scenario to maximize business value

3.How other organizations have applied them to improve customer stickiness and satisfaction



Target Audience

Product Owners, Agile Evangelists and UX developers and Designers

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