Leveraging DevOps for continuous software delivery on the cutting Edge LinuxONE Platform

There is growing interest in using DevOps practices to drive software innovation and accelerate time to value.Today, applications are comprised of components that run on many operating systems. A typical application may consist of tablet, phone, web-browser, application server, and transactional components running across Android, iOS, Linux and other operating systems. To ensure that development processes across all these platforms and layers stay in sync, it is essential for DevOps processes to be adopted and implemented. Adopting DevOps ensures that the problem of variable speed IT is handled effectively by normalizing software delivery across Systems of Engagement (Mobile, Web etc.) and Systems of Record (back-end, Linux, zOS etc.). This session covers the  robust support for DevOps available on the cutting edge LinuxONE platform, and also discusses DevOps focused best practices that can be adopted to deliver high quality software on the LinuxONE platform.

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Outline/structure of the Session

30 minute presentation comprising of videos, demos etc

Learning Outcome

After the session attendees will be able to understand the value of DevOps in their enterprise modernization journey

Target Audience

Developers, IT architects, IT & Enterprise architects and managers,Application developers and managers,Operations managers

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  • Joel Tosi
    By Joel Tosi  ~  3 years ago
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    Hi Sanjay,

        This feels like it is going to be an IBM pitch.  Help me understand how that won't be the case.




    • Sanjay Chandru
      By Sanjay Chandru  ~  3 years ago
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      Joel, while the title references LinuxONE, which is basically a z Systems box running purely Linux, the focus was going to be on the various best practices we have gleaned from our experiences with rolling out DevOps across our enterprise customer base. I wanted to talk about what can be achieved by combining the nuts and bolts of DevOps with the scalability and QOS of a z box. This is not a marketing or sales pitch, it will be technical and detail oriented. Hopefully this clears up any confusion. Thanks