Enterprise Agile Architecture & Bi-Modal IT - Good to Great Evolution

I have been an Agile Practitioner for years now, have been in many successful Agile executed projects.  But as an Enterprise Architect I am somewhat skeptical about the fact how the eXtereme Programming and other Agile methodologies dismiss the value of analysis and design.

In this session I will try to blend in the flavors of Agile along with Enterprise Architecture to bring in the concept of Agile Architecture

Enterprise Architecture is good, but when we make it agile to embraces change, it is great.  

We will check out a very interesting concept evangelized by Gartner in late 2014 – The Bi-Modal IT  a means to bring about the transformation to bieng Agile


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Setting the Stage and Introduction 

5 mins

What is Enterprise Architecture and Agile Architecture ?

How do we bring about Enterprise Agility ?

10 mins

Concepts of SOA, MicroServices, Cloud and DevOps to bring about Enterprise agility in newer Systems

20 mins

Agility for Legacy systems - Bi-modal IT

10 mins

Examples how Fortune 10 organizations are bringing about Enterprise Agility

10 mins


5 mins

Learning Outcome

Audiences will walk away from this session with 

1. Concepts of Agile Architecture

2. Bi-Modla IT

3. How to build in a transformation RoadMap to bieng agile in an enterprise



Target Audience

Enterprise Architects; Project Managers; Agile Practioners

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