Generally in all conferences people talk about "WHAT" part, as in
    what to do to write clean code, what not to do to write bad code,
    what practices to follow,
    what tools to adopt,
    what books to read,
    what practices to implement, etc

But generally no one talk about the "HOW" to implement these in our software industry where our engineers are so resistant to CHANGE. In this topic i want to share the report of my experiment on software engineers over a period of 2 years.

This report will explain the challenges and proven technique on  HOW to bring the mindset change and influence our engineers to adopt the WHAT part of transformation.


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

  • The real life problems/ challenges
  • HOW techniques to solve them
  • Positive & negative HOW's
  • success mantra
  • Take away gyaan

Learning Outcome

  • Get actual engineers adopt writing clean code instead of just talking about it or forcing them to write it every time ( force is inversely proportional to quality )
  • Reduce the READ:WRITE ratio of code

Target Audience

managers, senior developers, team leads, scrum masters

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  • Joel Tosi
    By Joel Tosi  ~  3 years ago
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    Hi Prabin,

        Will this session be relevant to primarily software engineers (i.e. Java developers), devops / configuration engineers, or anyone?  I'm trying to understand the fit in the DevOps track, i.e. would someone writing infra code get value from this as well.




    • prabin patodia
      By prabin patodia  ~  3 years ago
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      Hi Joel,

      The discussion is primarity focused on who write/review or manages code.

      Happy to reply if you have more queries. Thanks.

  • Joel Tosi
    By Joel Tosi  ~  4 years ago
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    Hi Prabin,

       Thanks much for the submission, I like the idea.  Could you give me some examples of what you have experienced regarding the real life problems / challenges?



    • prabin patodia
      By prabin patodia  ~  4 years ago
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      Hi Tosi,

      Thanks for the questions and sorry for the late reply.

      Since this is a experience sharing session we will talkfrom our learning which we tried in our organization.  The biggest challenge we have is brining the new joinee in our team to be hyper productive with the minimal documentation / other persons help, the read: write ratio is too high i.e for making simple change also engineers need to read a lot of code which consumes most of the time. Also being a product organization code qualit is one of the important feature we have to focuss on all the time.

      The ideas we used to promote clean code habbit are:

      1. Clean code refactoring workshops - We conduct monthly refactoring workshop where programmers pair up to clean the code

      2. We follow the novel idea of "Raising Flag" - this is something we learnt from the McDy way of pulling required people when needed to clean up the code base.


      Please feel free to reply back if you have more questions.


      • Shiv Sivaguru
        By Shiv Sivaguru  ~  4 years ago
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        will you be sharing the practices with some data as well?

        That way the audience will get a better appreciation of what the benefits could be with this approach.


        That could be both in terms of the time for a new member to get upto speed and also the overall code quality over multiple refactoring sessions.

        • prabin patodia
          By prabin patodia  ~  4 years ago
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          Thanks for the question.

          YES you are correct. We will support our practices with data points collected in our experiement (inside our organization).