Design thinking - Humanizing your product & service offering

The design thinking approach, once used primarily in product design, is now finding its place in Enterprises which are moving fast from products to services or physical to digital products offerings. It focuses heavily on user experience, instead of features. Every established company that intends to globalize its business must invent processes that can adjust to different cultural contexts. And every established company that chooses to compete on innovation rather than efficiency must be able to define problems artfully and experiment its way to solutions. A design-centric organization empowers employees to observe behavior and draw conclusions about what people want and need.

Some of the challenges in adopting design thinking

  1. a) Transformative innovation is inherently risky. It involves inferences and leaps of faith; if something hasn’t been done before, there’s no way to guarantee its outcome. 
  2. b) Culture changes slowly in large organizations and resetting the expectations is hard and difficult.
  3. c) It’s difficult if not impossible to understand how much value will be delivered through a better experience or to calculate the return on an investment in creativity.


An organizational focus on design offers unique opportunities for humanizing technology and for developing emotionally resonant products and services. Adopting this perspective isn’t easy. But doing so helps create a workplace where people want to be, one that responds quickly to changing business dynamics and empowers individual contributors. And because design is empathetic, it implicitly drives a more thoughtful, human approach to business.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

This session is an effort to provide a quick understanding of Design Thinking approach and how to practice this while building great Products and services. To make this session interesting and engaging, we will adopted a game based learning methodology.

Proposed session outline is provided below:

  • Why  - Overview and context setting - 3 Min - 1-2 Slides
  • What - Design Thinking overview (for Product & Services) - 5 Min - 2 Slides
  • How  -
    • Use case for the game - 2 Min
    • Game - 60 Min
      • Identify Users & Personas for the use case
      • Personas detailing
      • Experience and touch points mapping
      • Service mapping
      • Define stories and story mapping
      • Design alternatives
      • Build prototype
      • Test prototype - Through role playing
      • Launch Plan
      • Conclusion
    • Practice steps - 5 Min
    • How to adopt Design Thinking in services - 5 Min
  • Benefits & Conclusion - 5 Min
  • Q&A - 5 Min

Learning Outcome

You will experience and learn to apply Design Thinking approach in your Service or Product development. Specific learning outcomes are:

You will learn

  • Why
    • Why Design Thinking
    • Its applicability
  • What
    • What is Design Thinking & Benefits of it
    • Detailed process steps for Product as well as Services
    • What to do when hypothesis fails
  • How
    • How to practice Design Thinking approach?
    • How to adopt this in Software service?
    • How to build and prioritize Persona
    • How to build Experience and touch points mapping
    • How to build Story mapping

Target Audience

Business Leader, Product Manager, Product Owners , Agile leaders, Managers , Process Consultant, Agile Practitioner, Agile Coach

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