Design Thinking Or Lean-Startup - Comparison of Two Powerful Strategies

This is an effort to analyze the difference between strategies that both aim at creating great product or business concepts based on a user-centered approach: Design thinking and Lean Startup. Both approaches involve potential end users and other stakeholders into their process. Although there are significant differences in both strategies, there are also several similarities in methodology and process design etc. This presentation compares
process model of lean startup and design thinking and highlights the specific differences and similarities. Also when there is a need for a context specific custom approach. As a result, Integrative Thinking can be applied to come-up with a context specific custom approach to achieve best of the two strategies to foster innovation and build Great Product or Services.

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Outline/Structure of the Talk

Proposed Session Structure

  • Why - Context setting - 3 Min
  • What - 5 Min
    • What is Design Thinking and Lean startup
    • Similarities and Difference
  • How - 8 Min
    • When do I need a custom approach
    • Steps in custom approach
  • Benefits & Conclusion - 2 Min
  • Q&A - 2 Min

Learning Outcome

You will learn the differences and similarities of both the approach. Also learn when and how construct a context specific custom approach for your product or project.

Key Learning will be:

  • Similarities & Difference between DT & Lean Startup
  • When & How to construct a custom approach

Target Audience

Business Leader, Product Manager, Product Owners , Agile leaders, Managers , Process Consultant, Agile Practitioner, Agile Coach

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